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LaminateFlooringManufacturers.com is a Laminate Flooring Guide written by Sunspeed Flooring – professional manufacturers of laminate flooring since 2002.

This laminate flooring site has been created for two purposes – to help new customers find us as Laminate Flooring Manufacturers and to offer laminate flooring consumers a premium Laminate Flooring Guide with information about the world of laminate floors, including installation and cleaning tips.

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We have packed www.LaminateFlooringManufacturers.com with juicy articles all about laminate flooring. Since we have been in the business for over a decade we thought it was about time we shared our expertise with the world. Read on and you will discover some surprising things, like the uncanny similarities between laminate flooring construction and a cheese sandwich and why the best laminate flooring is made in China.

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