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Laminate Flooring Accessories – Icing On the Cake

Laminate flooring accessories are the “icing on the cake” – they add a more professional finish to your space. It is best to buy your laminate floor accessories from the same brand that you bought your laminate floor, so they match in colour and pattern.

Laminate flooring manufacturers produce their own accessories to match the flooring they supply, which generally include: trim and skirting, laminate flooring transition bars, laminate flooring stair profiles and laminate flooring pipe collars. You will also need laminate underlay, which should be chosen based on the type of sub-floor you have, e.g. concrete or plywood and take into account noise transmission, moisture and other environmental considerations.

Let’s begin with a breakdown of the types of trim and skirting available for blending your laminate floor into the space.

Laminate Flooring Trim and Skirting

  • Concava – used around the edge of the room to hide the expansion gap between laminate flooring and the wall.
  • Scotia – covers the gap around the edge of the newly laid laminate flooring up to the skirting boards or plain wall.
  • End Cap – best used when the height of Concava or Scotia is too high and not suitable for blending flooring to a patio door for example. End cap is also used to blend laminate floors to the wall.
  • Skirting Board – if there are no existing skirting boards then decorative skirting boards that match the colour of the laminate flooring can cover the border gap around the laminate flooring to give a finished look. Various sizes such as 60mm, 80mm and 96mm skirting are available.

Laminate Flooring Transition Bars

For when laminate flooring meets another type of flooring or surface such as in a doorway or open plan kitchen from laminate to carpet, laminate flooring transition bars are the answer.

T-Moulding – useful for doorways or between flooring sections which are on the same level, T-Moulding is an expansion joint the creates a fluid transition between two surfaces.

Laminate Flooring Pipe Collars

Pipe Collars – finishes off pipes nicely to cover the hole around the pipe. These pipe collars are available in various colours that will match your laminate flooring.

Laminate Flooring Stairnoses

For laminate flooring in halls and landings you may want to continue your new look up and down the stairs.

Stairnose – provides a professional transition for the steps in your house covering the leading edges of the laminate flooring.

Laminate Flooring Underlay

Thanks to the constant innovation of laminate flooring manufacturers there are now a vast selection of laminate flooring underlay products to choose from. We’ve listed four of the most common ones, but you may find others that combine variations of the types below, including Thermal Insulation and rolls made of rubber.

*As a general rule, we recommend the use of soundproofing and moisture proof membrane for upper level floors. This is because damp rises and also because if you don’t use soundproofing, then sound can easily carry to floors below, especially in timber framed housing.

  • Moisture Proof Membrane - provides a moisture barrier suited for laminate floors installed over concrete or heated sub-floors.
  • Foam Underlay – no special moisture resistance but good for impact sound reduction and evening out any irregularities in the sub-floor. Supplied as a roll.
  • Combi Foam Underlay – includes foam underlay and moisture proof membrane in one product supplied in a roll.
  • Sound Absorption Underlay – has special sound proofing qualities ideal for upstairs rooms. Supplied as a roll.

The laminate flooring accessories we’ve outlined above will ensure your laminate flooring looks great, lasts years and adapts well to the environment it’s installed in.

It is worth thinking carefully about the space your laminate floors will be laid in, taking into account sound volume, moisture and the general look and feel you want to go for. The great thing is that with such a variety of laminate floor accessories available, you’ll be sure to find the ones to perfectly match your needs.