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Laminate Flooring Application

Laminate flooring construction is composed of four layers from top to bottom, they are wear layer, decorative layer, core layer and stabilizing layer. The wear resistance of laminate flooring is classified into five levels AC1-AC5 by EN13329 and AC5 is the top level. Basically speaking, all laminates are divided into commercial or residential application by laminate flooring AC rating.

Commercial Laminate Flooring

Commercial laminate flooring is suitable for high traffic public places, such as hotel, conference room and sales area and you can choose AC3,AC4, AC5 laminate flooring respectively for flooring project of those places. Maybe you are curious about the difference. AC3 is suitable for low traffic commercial use, AC4 for medium traffic commercial use, AC5 for high traffic commercial use. That’s how we get the matching above. Frankly speaking, AC3 commercial laminate flooring is widely used in our daily life.


Residential Laminate Flooring

Residential laminate flooring is suitable for relatively low traffic places of residence, for instance, bedroom, children’s room and living room. And you can choose AC1,AC2,AC3 laminates for their decoration respectively. Theoretically speaking, AC1 is for low traffic residential use, AC2 for medium traffic residential use, AC3 for high traffic residential use.

F.Y.I here under is a laminate flooring application table. Check it, you will be much clearer about which grade you need.No matter commercial or residential use, laminate flooring’s character of high durability is premier to other flooring materials. Besides high wearing resistance, you may get other laminate flooring advantages here. And if you are getting down to starting your flooring project just come to laminateflooringmanufacturers.com for affordable laminate flooring.