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Laminate Flooring Introduction – A Photograph You Can Walk On


Laminate flooring is the ultimate copycat. It looks like a real wood of stone floor, but what you’re actually seeing is a high-resolution photograph of real wood or stone pressed on top of a High Density Fibreboard (HDF).

HDF is made of recycled pine trees or industrial wood waste. The photograph is protected from fading, scratching and impact by a mega strong layer of clear plastic, thus how it gets its name – laminate flooring. Think of it as a thick and durable laminated photograph you can walk on.

The first laminated photograph was made by Dr. Morris M. Blum in 1938. Dr. Blum, a doctor of dental medicine who was familiar with the practice of using clear plastic resins to cap and bond to the enamel surfaces of teeth. He saw a different use for laminating and in 1938 laminated a photo of his wife. Laminating is a common application for credit cards, identification cards, restaurant menus and anything that seeks prevention from sun damage, stains and abrasion.

Laminate flooring construction, however, is a little more complex than just a big laminated photograph. Laminate flooring history dates back to 1977 when a Swedish company Perstorp came up with the idea and began marketing their product to Europe under the brand name Pergo in 1984 and later in January 1994 to the United States.

By the summer of 1994, Pergo had gone nationwide into 850 stores in the States and laminate flooring introduction was made to the Asia Pacific region soon after in 1995. Its fast unfathomable success has shaken up and changed the entire flooring industry forever, making laminate flooring history!

Pergo remain in their dominant position as the world leading laminate flooring manufacturers, despite the growing competition from other laminate flooring manufacturers producing their own versions.

In the early days laminate flooring had to be glued into place but in 1996 a Swedish company now selling under the names of Alloc and Fiboloc invented glueless laminate flooring. The new glueless locking system laminate flooring features today was quickly implemented by laminate flooring manufacturers around the world and is one of the main selling points of laminate flooring, because it allows for quick and easy installation.

There are many reasons why laminate flooring is so popular:

  • Mind blowing real wood realism at affordable prices
  • Excellent stain, fade and scratch resistance
  • Good impact and indentation resistance
  • Lasts for years with 10 to 30 year warranties
  • Can be installed over many different types of sub-floors
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Easily replaceable later on if needed

We hope you found our laminate flooring introduction and brief laminate flooring history insightful! Feel free to explore our website for more information and tips about laminate flooring features.

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