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Laminate Flooring Manufacturers


This page is all about introducing you to laminate flooring manufacturers in China you can rely on for quality production and excellent customer service.

For the best OEM service, we recommend Sunspeed Laminate Flooring Manufacturers.

For the best made in China laminate flooring brand we recommend Gentoo Laminate Flooring Manufacturers.

Let us tell you the key differences between the two choices above so you can make an informed decision about which laminate flooring manufacturers option suits your production plan.

Sunspeed Laminate Flooring Manufacturers

Sunspeed are purely OEM, which means they can manufacture laminate flooring to the specifications of your choice. If you have a brand of laminate flooring you would like to get manufactured in China, Sunspeed can support the future production of your brand, ensuring it retains the high level of quality expected by its customers.

Sunspeed laminate flooring manufacturers can make your products in various surface types such as hand scraped, synchronized and parquet; they can produce wear resistance levels from AC1 to AC5; they can do special treatments such as green core-board, soundproof and waterproof waxing; and they can produce almost any size you require.

Because their 2 factories in the North of China are manufacturing laminate floors on a daily basis for their famous domestic brand Meidica, the constant quality control for Meidica is shared with OEM production under the same roof, which means overseas customers can rest assured their products will be strictly monitored throughout the production process.

Unlike other laminate flooring manufacturers in China, Sunspeed Flooring have a wide choice of payment options you can choose from, giving you far more flexibility and peace of mind. For more about Sunspeed Flooring click here.

Gentoo Laminate Flooring Manufacturers

Gentoo is a Made in China brand of laminate flooring that is refreshing, reliable and exquisite. The Gentoo brand is owned by Sunspeed Group and is a Premium OEM product, customers being offered special designs unique to their local markets.

If you are looking to become a distributor or retailer of this fresh, affordable, strong brand made by the best laminate flooring manufacturers in China, then Gentoo is the choice for you.

Gentoo laminate flooring manufacturers are supporting new partners with extremely flexible payment terms, plus strategic marketing assistance for your local market.

Gentoo’s website makes it easy for you to select the laminate flooring products you like and get quoted for them by simply checking out products you add to the Design Palette. You can save products for visits at a later date and later transfer them to the Quote Cart. This innovative system saves significant time for Gentoo’s customers by eliminating the need to write lengthy emails asking about the products you are interested in.

For more about Gentoo Laminate Flooring click here.