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Laminate Flooring VS Hard Wood – Epic Battle or Massacre?


The stage for comparing laminate flooring to hard wood is set. The combatants are ready and the battle is about to begin. What everyone wants to know is simple – which is a more savvy choice for your space – laminate flooring or hard wood flooring? We’ll keep a running score throughout this article so you can keep track of the difference between hard wood and laminate flooring features that give laminate flooring advantages in each category. Let the battle begin!

Round 1 – Price

On average hard wood flooring prices are triple laminate flooring prices per sqm. Because hard wood is harvested from trees, if the trees are particularly exotic then the price will very high indeed. As laminate flooring features simulated wood types and colours on an HDF core-board, the species you choose, no matter how exotic will not make a difference to the price because it is merely design paper. One may argue that laminate floor could never be as attractive as hard wood floor, but new technology allows for laminate flooring to rival, even exceed real hardwood in attractiveness with the amazing array of laminate flooring designs to choose from. That rock’s doesn’t it?

Laminate Flooring VS Hard Wood Score Sheet:1-0 to Laminate Flooring Advantages

Round 2 – Installation

Installing traditional hard wood floor is labor intensive, complicated and pricey. It needs to be done by experts and is in no way a DIY job. Hard wood installation requires nails, a lot of glue and professional carpentry skills.

Installing laminate flooring, however, is a piece of cake to do by yourself if you’re an avid DIY’er! Laminate flooring has highly practical click systems, that easily snap together. There is no need for glue, nails, special carpentry skills, or buckets of sweat! Even if you decide to get it installed by a joiner, comparing laminate flooring to hard wood installation in difficulty and time, the labor costs work out at half the cost of hard wood installation. Fancy that?!

Laminate Flooring VS Hard Wood Score Sheet:2-0 to Laminate Flooring Advantages

Round 3 – Durability and Maintenance

Laminate flooring textures are highly resistant to moisture, stains and fading and can carry 10 to 30 year laminate flooring warranties. The special wear resistance layer used in laminate flooring construction is bonded under high heat and pressure with melamine resins and aluminum oxide to create a surface that is hard and more durable than hard wood.

Under varying volumes or traffic hard wood floor can need periodical refinishing to restore luster and shine. It is susceptible to scratching, such as from dog’s claws, can get damaged by excessive moisture and will show wear. Stains must be removed by sanding, whereas cleaning laminate flooring only requires wiping with a damp cloth. Moreover, if you have plenty of sun entering your home, hardwood can fade because it is a natural, but Laminate flooring has UV protection.

When considering durability and maintenance the only lacking laminate flooring advantages are that laminate flooring doesn’t repair easily. This, however, is not a big problem because you can easily replace damaged planks with spare pieces from your original box. They’ll blend in seamlessly with the previously laid floor, because they’ll be no colour discoloration from sun damage. What a winner!

The Final Scores Are In.

3-0 to Laminate Flooring Advantages. It’s a massacre!

Although hard wood is the “real deal” it is also in many ways a “bad deal”, because after comparing laminate flooring to hard wood it becomes very apparent that laminate flooring is the savvy choice. No wonder laminate flooring is so popular!

Since we are professional laminate flooring manufacturers, we remain adamant that laminate flooring wins hands down in all fields. Did you also know that laminate flooring is environmentally friendly?

For your next construction project or flooring stock replenishment plan we hope you’ll choose us to supply you the best laminate flooring. Email us today for a quotation sales@sunspeedflooring.com.