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Sunspeed Laminate Flooring Manufacturers

Sunspeed Flooring have been “Laminating the World” since 2002, with a dedication to quality production and unrivalled customer service to their customers across the globe.

If you’re looking for a Chinese manufacturing partner that can offer you both a competitive price and great quality laminate flooring then Sunspeed Flooring is for you!

Not only are they committed to getting unbeatable prices for their clients, but they also know their markets well and will recommend products and designs that will help you achieve more market share and higher profit margins.

Click here to check out Sunspeed Flooring’s newly launched website for 2013. It gives you the ability to easily get quotes by adding products into the quote cart as you browse through.

Sunspeed Flooring’s international sales team operate from two locations in China: their Head Office is in Beijing and their Branch Office in Shijiazhuang, which is a short distance from their two factories in the North of China.

They produce OEM floors for overseas customers in their 2 factories alongside their much-loved domestic brand “Meidica”, famous in China for turning a common misconception upside down – that Chinese laminate flooring is inferior to that of Europe. Because Meidica is made under the same roof as the OEM laminate flooring, Meidica’s quality control department is always there to monitor the laminate flooring manufactured for exportation.

Sunspeed Flooring’ 4 production lines can OEM almost any size you require. They are regularly producing 7, 8.3 and 12.3mm thick laminate flooring for their domestic brand. Here’s a quick breakdown of the main products they can produce:

  • Bevels – beveled painted u-groove, big u-groove and pressed u-groove.
  • Extra Treatment– green core-board, piano, soundproof and waterproof waxing.
  • Surfaces – crystal, glossy, hand scraped, hand scraped wood grain, large embossed, matted, medium embossed, parquet, real wood grain, small embossed, smooth, embossed in registered and texture.

Traffic Levels – AC2, AC3 and AC4

Sunspeed are very active about deeply engaging with their customers from different markets around the world. Constant market research and close attention to customers’ feedback allows them to offer fresh laminate flooring products and designs that will be popular in their customers’ markets giving their customers an edge over the competition.

Sunspeed Flooring’s main markets include: South East Asia, South America, Middle East and Africa.

Another way Sunspeed Flooring strive to give their customers a healthy and enjoyable business experience is through offering a variety of flexible payment terms to suit each customers’ varying needs:

  • L/C at sight
  • L/C 60/90/120/180 days
  • T/T 30% deposit and balance paid after goods are produced and before onboard
  • T/T 30% deposit and balance paid upon receipt of B/L copy
  • T/T 30% deposit and balance paid by L/C at sight
  • T/T 30% deposit and balance paid by L/C 60/90/120/180 days
  • D/P - T/T 30% deposit and balance paid by D/P at sight or after sight
  • D/A - T/T 30% deposit and balance paid by D/A
  • O/A - T/T 30% deposit and balance paid 30/60/90/120/180 days after B/L date

If you’re interested in Sunspeed becoming your future laminate flooring manufacturers then why not get in touch?

Email the Sunspeed Flooring sales team today: sales@sunspeedflooring.com

Alternatively you can check out their website: www.sunspeedflooring.com